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Hi, I'm Jana Tahira

I call myself a designer of experiences, specially to connect deeply to your inner self. I'm creator of Cristaloscopia®, a step-by-step program to access the wisdom of crystals directly, develop imagination and expand subtle perception for a magical life.

Cristaloscopia® is the signature experience of interacting with crystals via the four elements. As an experienced guide in this field, I’ll show you how to cut through to the core of crystal practice and transform your profound challenges with lightness.



Profound and subtle connection, such as dream like visions, past and future life recall, higher self and guides encounters were reported. Feeling oneness and blending with crystal energies. Spiritual experience.



Self knowledge and transformational session with a present and intuitive facilitator that hold space for your need.



Safe to ones that would like a deep experience and are afraid to participate in a plant-based medicine ceremony, entheogens or Breathwork session.



Gentle energetic cleansing.



Some are said to alleviate stress, others to improve concentration, clarity and creativity.



Tap into nature and communicate with your ancestral lineage. Crystals were here way before human existence in planet Earth, true record keepers of wisdom.



Be surprised and tap into your imagination and psychic gifts. Gain inspiration and be enchanted with the beauty of crystalline realm. 


Tim, U.S.


"I had a session with Jana yesterday and it was/is incredible. Very gentle and peaceful, but my entire body is still buzzing with energy the day after. I feel like my heart chakra is expanding. Lots of tears and need to integrate the breakthroughs that are happening. So thankful to Jana. If you have not connected with her offering yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Very powerful and beautiful experience."

Virginie, Switzerland


“Jana’s professionalism and gentleness immediately put me at ease and her vast knowledge of the crystals (as well as her impressive collection!) made my experience with her quite profound. It was a wonderful feeling of reconnection with myself that got even deeper the next day. Thank you Jana for this experience!”

Kathleen, U.S.


"This was an amazing and insightful experience! It was my first session with Jana, and I didn't really have any idea what to expect. I came just trying to be open to what the universe might have in store for me on this one day. Jana was so kind and gentle and thoughtful and caring (and professional too)! I wanted to focus on being grounded and finding tranquility in my life. I'm not sure exactly how - but I went away being enveloped in these two qualities. It is now 3 weeks after my session, and I returned to my other country, and yet....the impact and the wisdom that came from my session with Jana continues to hold a prominent space in my life. Every day I think about the crystals and I think about what we talked about; I feel a little more grounded and a little more able to meet the challenges of daily life without being overwhelmed. Somehow, and again, I don't really know how, I feel like I am better able to latch onto what is the strong core of my being. I am very grateful to Jana for her wisdom and insights, and I am looking forward to having another session with her soon."

Bedour, Kuwait


“Thank you for the session! It really felt good! It was my first time doing a crystal session and not last. i LOVED it! I had lots of insights during the session and I feel more connected to crystals now. It got me really interested in these types of sessions. Jana was really amazing, she knew exactly what she was doing and was there present the entire time.”

4 group workshops and meditation with crystals

Image by Drew McNaughton


Image by Maxim Tajer


Image by Akira Hojo


Image by Mila Young


Private sessions



A decade ago, I started studying energy, space and time, ancestral cycles and archetypes to explore our human experience.


Crystals appeared in my life at the same moment so I feel they had a major influence to activate sacred connection and to expand my states of awareness out of the ordinary.


Before that, I was former Art Editor at Vogue Magazine and owner of ancestral meets modern kimonos brand Japonique.

If you want to know more about my interests and certifications click here.

I am willing to become part of your community and explore new dimensions of our work together. Thanks for the opportunity!

Let's schedule a Zoom meeting:

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