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Crystals: The Essentials

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What you need to know to take your first steps on your crystal journey. Around US$ 17 (check currency conversion) This workshop will be perfect if you... ... are an enthusiast with little or no knowledge of crystals ... want a compilation of fundamental concepts gathered in a short workshop ... are curious about the topic and want to have more confidence to take next steps ... you are a professional (therapist, artisan, jeweler, decorator, retailer, etc.) and/or spiritualist who are starting to work with crystals What you will learn: 1. Fundamentals What are crystals? What are their properties? How do crystals work? 2. Practical tips Choosing a crystal and starting a collection Conscious consumption Creating a relationship with your crystals Cleansing, energizing and programming 3. Crystals Quartz: amethyst, rose, green, citrine, carnelian, smoky Selenite Blue Kyanite Black Tourmaline Hematite Benefits of working with crystals 4. Bonus Precious references This workshop is recorded and can be accessed for 260 days for your convenience.

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R$ 260,00
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